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Institutional Information: Guzel Sanatlar Fakultesı, Grafik, Grafik
Research Areas: Art, Fine Arts, Art Management, Printing Arts, Art and Design, Design Studies


Born in Zonguldak, Black sea part of Turkey, on 14 April 1981. Tuğba grew up in art environment because of his mother who is an architect and has her own art gallery. Tuğba took her first “painting” degrees (Sümerbank Child Drawing Competition, Hungary Children Paintings Exhibition…etc) when she was only 6 years old. While she was studying as a high school student in Aykan College, she drew high school annuals. Afterwards, she decided to prepare art exams for university by taking advanced drawing lessons from Turkish Cultural Ministry’s Drawing Courses. In 1998, she started her BFA degree in Bilkent University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture’s Graphic Design Department. In 2002, she started her professional life as a graphic designer in several design agencies. After her graduation, she had worked medical, pharmacy, Construction, project firms, and shopping centers as a designer and marketing professional for 7 years. She obtained some certificates on “Public Relations” and “Advertisement” from Deulcom and London School of Public Relations. After She have taken her master degree as an Art Historian in 2011 from Ankara University, She started to create new designs by taking some referances from Modern and Post-modern periods of art history. Nowadays, she finished her PHD thesis in Ankara University and working in the department of graphic in Çukurova University of Adana.


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