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Professor Dr. Serap Göncü was born in Adana in 1966. He graduated from Çukurova University Faculty of Agriculture in 1989 and completed his master's thesis on fattening perfromances of cattle in 1993 and received his title of Agricultural Higher Engineer. In 2000, she completed her Ph.D. in somatic cell, which is a demonstration of milk quality and cow udder health, and was awarded the title of Science doctor. Professor Dr. Serap Göncü continued with the programs she participated in the educational process in different countries such as Japan, Israel and the Netherlands, which have different cultures of production, technology, efficiency, climate and animal husbandry.
Professor Dr. Serap Göncü was appointed Assistant Professor at Çukurova University Faculty of Agriculture in 2000 and Associate Professor at 2006. Professor Dr. Serap Göncü received Professor title in 2011. Professor Dr. Serap Göncü has a total of 42 national papers, 27 international research papers, 46 international presentation, 70 national presentation and 60 popular breeders' magazines in the areas of cattle reproductive biology and physiology, calf raising, heifer production, heatt stress, cattle behavior, shelter planning and livestock technology. There are 243 publications. The author also has 1 course note, 3 personal books published with 2 farmer bookler. The author is one of the sons and has been continuing education and research activities on Cattle Breeding in Çukurova University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Animal Science

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