Effect of Mycorrhizae Applications on the Mineral Uptake in 'Alkuden' (01-IN-06) Fig Genotype

ÇÖMLEKÇİOĞLU S. , Akpinar C. , Bayazit S., ORTAŞ İ. , KÜDEN A.

International Symposium on Enhancing Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Fruit Production in a Global Economy held at the 27th International Horticultural Congress, Seoul, Güney Kore, 13 - 19 Ağustos 2006, ss.513-516 identifier identifier


In vitro propagated fig genotype 01-IN-06 plants (which were propagated and rooted in the MS free media) were used to screen the most suitable arbuscular mycorrhizae fungi for enhancing plant growth by improving nutrient uptake under glasshouse conditions. G. mossea, G. etunicatum, G. intraradices, G. macrocarpium, G. caledonium, G. margarita, G. clarium and their cocktail was used as inoculum. Experiment was designed with three replications having five plants in each treatment and also control plants which were not treated with mycorrhiza.