Peer Bullying in Classes According to Teachers' Classroom Management Profiles

Yurtal F., Yaşar M.

SDU International Journal of Educational Studies, vol.5, no.2, pp.64-75, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, classroom management profiles of classroom teachers and the frequency of peer bullying their classes were determined; The relationship between classroom management profiles and the frequency of bullying is examined. For this purpose, Classroom Management Profile Scale and Peer Victimization Scale were applied to 422 class teachers, 201 (47.6%) female and 221 (52.4%) male who volunteered to participate in the research. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Scheffe test of Post-Hoc tests were performed. According to the results of the research, it was found that the class teachers used the most Authoritative Classroom Management Profile. It has been concluded that the frequency of bullying among classroom teachers with Authoritative Classroom Management Profiles is low. It has been determined that the frequency of the appearances of bullying according to the profiles were found as Authoritative, Authoritarian, Laissez-Faire and Indifferent Classroom Management Profiles.

Key words: Classroom management, Classroom management profiles, Peer bullying, Classrooom teacher