Effects of sowing times on yield and some agronomic characteristics of sweet corn in the GAP Area of Turkey

SARI N. , Dasgan H. Y. , ABAK K.

8th International Symposium on Timing of Field Production in Vegetable Crops, Bari, Italy, 15 - 18 October 1997, pp.307-314 identifier identifier


In the GAP Area (South-Eastern Anatolian Project Area, Turkey) seeds of the cultivars Jubilee, Merit, Golden Beauty and Iochief were sown between April and and May in 15-day intervals. The effects of sowing times on yield and ear quality characteristics were investigated. Most suitable sowing time was April and postponing the sowing, later to May resulted in yield decrease. The earliest yielding cultivar was Golden Beauty and the highest yields were obtained from the cv. Merit and cv. Iochief. The ear characteristics which are fresh weight, ear length, ear diameter, number of grains per ear, grain weight, number of grain rows per ear indicated that April sowing times were preferable for ear quality and yield.