Evoked Potential in Response to Familiar and Unfamiliar Face Stimuli and Their Time-Location Analysis

Ozbeyaz A., ARICA S.

19th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting (BIYOMUT), İstanbul, Turkey, 5 - 06 November 2015 identifier identifier


Evoked potentials (EP) occur against a specific stimulus as a response in EEG signal. The objective of this study is to determine time and location where the evoked potentials obtained in a familiar/unfamiliar face recognition experiments, are most distant. EEG signals have been acquired from 10 subjects in different sessions and the time and position where ERP signals obtained in response to familiar and unfamiliar face stimuli have been analyzed using statistical methods. This study can be considered as a first step for an EEG signal classification problem of an familiar and unfamiliar face recognition experiment. Such a classification both can help to the experts in the diagnosis of some diseases in the visual memory areas of the brain and can contribute to the identification of suspects in criminal inspections.