Effect of harvest dates and forced air cooling on post-harvest quality of apricot cv. 'Precoce de Tyrinthe'


12th Symposium on Apricot Culture and Decline, Avignon, France, 10 - 14 September 2001, pp.577-580 identifier identifier


Effect of maturity at harvest and forced-air cooling (FAC) on postharvest quality and physiology of apricot cv 'Precoce de Tyrinthe' were investigated. Apricots were harvested at 2 different stages: minimum maturity, MI (9% SSC, orange color except on suture) and ideal harvest maturity, MII (10% SSC, completely orange color). Within a few hours after harvest : (i) half of the fruits of each maturity stage were placed in a cold room at 0-1 degrees C and 90% RH and (ii) the other half was forced-air cooled at 600 cfm. All apricots were stored at 0 degrees C for 7 days and then transferred to 20 degrees C for up to 8 days. Another group of apricots was kept at 20 degrees C immediately after harvest to observe post-harvest changes. Apricots were analyzed for firmness, SSC, titratable acidity, color (hue angle), respiration, weight loss and evaluated for taste. For both stages of maturity, FAC at 0 degrees C increased the shelf-life and improved the appearance of apricots when compared to room cooling at 0 degrees C. The 7/8 cooling time of apricots ranged from 86 min. to 225 min. for FAC and was 431 min for room cooling (RC). Apricots could be forced-air cooled to 0 degrees C and then transported for a period of 7days in a refrigerated truck while maintaining their quality after additional 6 to 8 days at 20 degrees C.