Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectral Study of [Mn(acs)(2)(2-pic)(2)(H2O)(2)] Single Crystals

KOCAKOÇ M. , Tapramaz R.

9th International Physics Conference of the Balkan-Physical-Union (BPU), İstanbul, Türkiye, 24 - 27 Ağustos 2015, cilt.1722 identifier identifier

  • Cilt numarası: 1722
  • Doi Numarası: 10.1063/1.4944225
  • Basıldığı Şehir: İstanbul
  • Basıldığı Ülke: Türkiye


Acesulfame potassium salt is a synthetic and non-caloric sweetener. It is also important chemically for its capability of being ligand in coordination compounds, because it can bind over Nitrogen and Oxygen atoms of carbonyl and sulfonyl groups and ring oxygen. Some acesulfame containing transition metal ion complexes with mixed ligands exhibit solvato and thermo chromic properties and these properties make them physically important. In this work single crystals of Mn+2 ion complex with mixed ligand, [Mn(acs)(2)(2-pic)(2)(H2O)(2)], was studied with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy. EPR parameters were determined. Zero field splitting parameters indicated that the complex was highly symmetric. Variable temperature studies showed no detectable chance in spectra.