Comparison of Robust Input Shapers for Elimination of Residual Vibrations

Conker C., YAVUZ H., KAPUCU S., Baltacioglu M. K., Arat H. T., Burgac A.

2nd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Power Engineering (ICMDPE 2013), Beijing, China, 29 - 30 November 2013, pp.997-998 identifier identifier


Input shaping is a feedforward control technique for improving the settling time and positioning accuracy, while minimizing residual vibrations. Shaped command profiles are generated by convolving a sequence of impulses. To design an input shaping controller, estimates of the system natural frequency and damping ratio are required. However, real systems cannot be modeled exactly, making the robustness to modeling errors an important consideration. Many robust input shapers have been developed, but robust shapers typically have longer durations that slow the system response. This creates a compromise between shaper robustness and rise time. This paper analyses the compromise between shaper duration and robustness for several robust input shapers