The effects of some pre-treatments for promoting germination of grape seeds

ERGENOGLU F., Tangolar S. , GÖK S.

5th International Symposium on Temperate Zone Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics, Adana, Turkey, 29 May - 01 June 1996, pp.207-212 identifier identifier


The effects of stratification, gibberellic acid (GA(3)), hydrogen cyanamide (HCN), lactic acid and acetic acid on the germination of seed of Cardinal, Tarsus beyazi and Italia grape varieties were investigated. Stratification for 30, 60 and 90 days at 5 degrees C, and 1000 and 2000 ppm GA(3) treatments alone or in combination with stratification for 21 days at 5 degrees C increased germination and shortened the germination period compared with control and other treatments. In GA(3) treatments, seedlings were exceedingly tall, but were weaker than controls.