Investigation on the attachment status of the fathers introduced to their babies for the first time after birth


EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT AND CARE, 2020 (SSCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


This is an empirical study aiming to examine the attachment patterns of the fathers who embraced their babies and who did not; and to investigate their participation to the caretaking of their new-born babies. The research was conducted with 50 fathers by face-to-face meeting in delivery rooms and maternity wards in Health Sciences University Adana Numune Education and Research Hospital and Adana Gynecology and Children Diseases Hospital between October and December 2016. Communications of fathers and newborns given in their laps were observed in experimental group after birth and time of keeping newborns on their laps were determined by a chronometer. Communication of fathers with their babies, attachments and attending to care of their newborns were investigated 1 month after study. A significant correlation was found between fathers' taking their newborns on their laps and attending to care (p < 0.05). Introducing newborns to their fathers shortly after birth and giving them to their fathers are determined as a significant finding for attachment between babies and fathers in further periods.