The effects of carbohydrates upon the survival and reproduction of adult female Pimpla turionellae L. (Hym., Ichneumonidae)

Ozalp P., Emre I.

JOURNAL OF APPLIED ENTOMOLOGY-ZEITSCHRIFT FUR ANGEWANDTE ENTOMOLOGIE, vol.125, no.4, pp.177-180, 2001 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


In this study the effects of 23 carbohydrates belonging to various groups upon the survival egg production and egg of female adult Pimpla turionellae L. were investigated. The best results among the carbohydrates tested was obtained with sucrose which was also employed as control. Glucose, maltose, trehalose and melezitose on the other hand showed no significant effect. The egg production was observed to be unaffected by glucose and maltose although it showed significant increase with trehalose and significant decrease with melezitose. Fructose and sorbitol caused a significant decrease in the survival of the insect. Fructose and sorbitol did not have any significant effect upon egg production whereas galactose caused a significant decrease. With the exception of galactose, no carbohydrate caused any significant effect upon egg hatching. Although they did not produce any eggs the female insects Survived for 13.17, 15.13, 11.58 and 15.83 days in mannose, melibiose, raffinose and mannitol, respectively. The shortest life span was observed in arabinose followed by alpha -methyl-D-glucoside, dulcitol, rhamnose, cellobiose, xylose, starch, lactose, sarbose, ribose and glycogen.