Depth dose calculations

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UĞUR F. A. , Goren E.

3rd International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Studies in Nuclear Applications and Technology (TESNAT), Adana, Turkey, 10 - 12 May 2017, vol.154 identifier identifier


In this study, calorimetric method is used to derive the depth doses calculation. In the experiment at the KeV level, an Ir-192 source with three different gamma energies was used. The source activity is approximately 9.15 curie. The Ir-192 radioactive source is mainly used for industrial purposes. This study had been made to determine organ dose values in any industrial accident. The data are calculated as surface dose and depth dose. Values for different time intervals have been measured. Time and depth parameters for measurements and calculations were obtained for 30 different values. The results of the experiment and the calculations have been compared.