Mobbing on construction professionals: causes, consequences, and precautions


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT, 2019 (ESCI İndekslerine Giren Dergi) identifier identifier


Mobbing is a negative attitude and behaviour that may be exhibited by superior(s), subordinate(s), or equal(s) to the victim(s) in a workplace. The primary purposes of this kind of action are to passivate, frustrate, and finally send the victim away from the workplace. This study investigates the causes and types of mobbing in the construction industry, the perception, and reaction of construction professionals about mobbing and the effects of mobbing on victims' families and social lives. A questionnaire was applied to 664 construction professionals. Collected data were analyzed by using frequency/percentage analysis, The analysis of variance (ANOVA), Thurstone paired comparisons judgments (TC), Pareto method and cross-tabulation analysis. The results show that the construction professionals are aware of the concept of mobbing, but not their rights. Intention to suppress the victim (by the superior), or jealousy/envy (by the subordinates or equals) are the essential reasons for mobbing. Besides, gender discrimination, egoism against female professionals and disagreement in political views are vital factors that lead to mobbing. As a result, professionals exposed to mobbing experience psychological disorders. To avoid mobbing, individuals and companies should develop mobbing prevention and dissuasion strategies such as support from specialists, training and awareness-raising activities.