A preliminary account on apple viruses in Mediterranean Region of Turkey

Birisik N., Myrta A., Hassan M., Baloglu S.

20th International Symposium on Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Temperate Fruit Crops, Antalya, Türkiye, 22 - 26 Mayıs 2006, ss.125-127 identifier identifier


A survey was carried out to check for apple (Malus domestica) viruses in the Mediterranean Region (South Anatolia) of Turkey, between 2002 and 2005. In total, 108 orchards and 10 varietal collections were visited in the districts of Adana, Antalya, K. Maras and Osmaniye, collecting randomly 413 samples of leaves and/or dormant cuttings from apple trees. Sanitary testing was done by ELISA, biological indexing and RT-PCR. All samples were tested by ELISA for the presence of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus (ACLSV), Apple stem grooving virus (ASGV) and Apple mosaic virus (ApMV). The overall virus infection rate in ELISA was 18.8%. The prevailing viruses were ACLSV (10.6%), ASGV (5.0%) and ApMV (3.1%).