Korkmaz D., Binokay H. , Alparslan Z. N.

Online International Conference of COVID-19 (CONCOVID), 12 Haziran - 14 Aralık 2020, ss.86-87

  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.86-87


STANDARDIZED RATES FOR COVID-19 DEATHS Abstract: Objective: Standardization tecniques, when applied to death rates eliminate the effect of the age distribution in the population. Since it is observed that the risk of deaths due to COVID-2019 is effected by age, this study has been carried out with the aim of comparing COVID-2019 related death rates of some countries with different demographic structures by standardizing them. Methods: The COVID-2019 death data of 9 countries on similar dates are analyzed. The countries for which age specific death numbers or rates(due to COVID-2019) used were: Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and United States. The method of direct standardization was applied on the data. Crude Death Rates(CDR) and Standardized Mortality Rates(SMR) and death rates by age bands were calculated for 9 countries. The standard population used in the calculations is the one recommended by the World Health Organization(WHO) for standardizing mortality rates. Population estimation in age bands for 9 countries were obtained from The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD) data platform. Results: When examined the results show that, except for Spain and Italy (the oldest two of the group), the CDRrank and the SMRrank values are the same for all of the countries. But when a comparison of the magnitude of rates between any two countries is aimed, this comparison may be misleading with the CDR. As an example, the ratio of CDRs belonging to Italy and USA is 7, whereas this ratio is 4 when SMRs are considered. The ratio of CDRs belonging to İtaly and Australia is 127, whereas this ratio is 86 when SMRs are considered. Conclusion: SMR should be used for comparing the magnitude of death rates between countries due to its benefit in eliminating the effect of age. Keywords: Covid-19, Crude Death Rate(CDR), Standardized Mortality Rate(SMR), Age Spesific Death Numbers.