Experimental Investigation of Performance and Emission Parameters Changes on Diesel Engines using Anisole Additive

Baltacioglu M. K. , AYDIN K. , Yasar E., Arat H. T. , Conker C., Burgac A.

2nd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Power Engineering (ICMDPE 2013), Beijing, China, 29 - 30 November 2013, pp.987-988 identifier identifier


In this study, effect of anisole additive into the diesel fuel on performance and emission parameters of diesel engines was investigated. Instead of structural changes which are more difficult and expensive, development of fuel technologies is preferred to provide reduction on exhaust gas emissions which are harmful to environment and human health. Therefore, in this experimental study, anisole was used as additive into diesel fuel with the volumetric ratio of 1,5%, 3% and 5%. The performance characteristics and exhaust emissions of a four cylinder, four stroke, naturally aspirated, water cooled, direct injection compression ignition engine fueled with modified fuels were analyzed. Engine was subjected constant speed, full load conditions during tests. Engine power, torque, specific fuel consumption, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide emissions were measured and results were evaluated. Changes in performance parameters were negligible for all ratios of modified fuels except specific fuel consumption. Finally, while carbon monoxide gas emissions were increased with anisole additive, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide gas emissions were decreased.