A comparison of three methods producing grafted vines

KAMILOGLU Ö., Tangolar S.

5th International Symposium on Temperate Zone Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics, Adana, Turkey, 29 May - 01 June 1996, pp.395-398 identifier identifier


The effects of three different methods and two media for obtaining grafted vines were studied by using King's Ruby grapevine cultivar and 5 BE, 41 B, 110 R and 1103 P rootstocks. The methods used were rooting the stocks before grafting, rooting the stocks after grafting, holding the grafted cuttings in water after grafting and rooting. After grafting, all grafts were kept in a callusing room at 27+/-1 degrees C and 80 % relative humidity for 23 days. Based upon percentage graft take and the percentage of first-class vines obtained, the second method was best( 93 % graft take 84 % fist class vines).