Flow structures in end-view plane of slender delta wing

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ŞAHİN B. , Tasci M. O. , Karasu I., AKILLI H.

11th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics (EFM), Marienbad, Çek Cumhuriyeti, 15 - 18 Kasım 2016, cilt.143 identifier identifier


Present investigation focuses on unsteady flow structures in end-view planes at the trailing edge of delta wing, X/C=1.0, where consequences of vortex bursting and stall phenomena vary according to angles of attack over the range of 25 degrees <= alpha <= 35 degrees and yaw angles, beta over the range of 0 degrees <= beta <= 20 degrees. Basic features of counter rotating vortices in end-view planes of delta win with 70 degrees sweep angle, Lambda are examined both qualitatively and quantitatively using Rhodamine dye and the PIV system. In the light of present experiments it is seen that with increasing yaw angle, beta symmetrical flow structure is disrupted continuously. Dispersed wind-ward side leading edge vortices cover a large part of flow domain, on the other hand, lee-ward side leading edge vortices cover only a small portion of flow domain.