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Dr. S. Berberoğlu is head of Remote Sensing and GIS department in Institute of Basic and Applied Sciences and a lecturer in Landscape Architecture. He has 21 years of broad-based field and laboratory environmental experience required in the application of environmental monitoring and management. Dr Berberoğlu is also involved in various national and international projects such as climate change, biodiversity mapping, change detection, hydrological modelling and biomass estimates. His current field of research is driving ecosystem models using geospatial technologies to understand impacts of climate change on ecosystem functions and conservation in the Mediterranean region. He has been modelling Net Primary Productivity (NPP), basin hydrology, erosion and land use/cover change. His major concern is transferring these modelling outcomes into the ecosystem based planning.

Dr. Berberoğlu is also the founder of the CU Landscape Architecture Remote Sensing and GIS Lab which is dedicated to providing innovative, state-of-the-art monitoring of environment using geospatial technologies (GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing).

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