Evaluation of the Brain Indexes of Subjects with and without Brain Atrophy Using Computed Tomography

Öksüzler M., Özandaç Polat S., Tunç M., Vurallı D., Göker P.

JOURNAL OF THE ANATOMICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA, vol.71, no.4, pp.295-302, 2022 (SCI-Expanded)


Aim: This paper was undertaken to determine the values of brain indexes using computed tomography (CT) in subject having and not having brain atrophy in seniors aged 60-90 years in our population.

Materials and Methods: This study was carried out from the 520 senior subjects (196 subjects having brain atrophy; 324 subjects having no brain atrophy) aged 60-90 years. Measurements of the brain indexes were taken from subjects having axial brain CT image in the Radiology Department. Also, the data were analysed according to age and gender.

Results: The means and standard deviations of the measurements were: the maximum distance between anterior horns , 37.35±3.76 mm; minimum bicaudate nuclei distance, 20.76±3.78 mm; maximum internal skull diameter, 135.66±6.51 mm; maximum internal diameter of frontal bone, 103.23±6.23; internal skull diameter measured along the same line 116.28±6.60 mm; maximum external diameter of the skull; 144.08±5.93 mm; cella media distance, 35.88±6.93 mm; and the indices were calculated and found as: Huckmann number 58.11±6.99 mm; Bifrontal index 0.36±0.03; Bicaudate frontal index  0.55±0.07; Bicaudate index 0.18±0.03; Bicaudate temporal index 0.15±0.03; Schiersmann’s index 4.22±1.16 in subjects having brain atrophy, respectively. The same values were measured as 32.28±3.19 mm; 15.32±3.05 mm; 133.67±6.71 mm; 102.05±6.13 mm; 113.12±6.04 mm; 141.14±6.12 mm; 28.92±5.79 mm; 47.59±5.63 mm; 0.32±0.03; 0.47±0.08; 0.14±0.03; 0.11±0.02; 5.09±1.13 in healthy elderly subjects, respectively. There were found significant difference in all measurements (except Schiersmann’s index) (p<0.05).

Conclusion: The brain indexes dimensions of Turkish population provides important and useful knowledge in terms of comparison of abnormalities and atrophy by clinically.

Key words: Brain atrophy, Brain indexes, Computed tomography, Effects of aging on brain, Morphometry