Sustainable development and management research

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Akdemir Ş.


  • Publication Type: Book / Research Book
  • Publication Date: 2022
  • City: Arges
  • Çukurova University Affiliated: Yes


The book Sustainable Development and Management Research is a sixpart

work written by experts in the field. In the first part of the book,

research in the field of sustainable development education in Turkey

was examined. In the second part, the use of neuromarketing in the

field of health is explained. The third chapter is reserved for the effect

of internet-based applications on the functioning of health services.

The fourth chapter is about the willingness of people to obtain organic

products, which are very important for a healthy life. This subject has

been examined in the context of organic dairy products. The fifth chapter

explains how the producers produce their agriculture. Here, how the

radish producers produce radishes, the problems they encounter, and

the product quality are examined. In the last part, agricultural insurance,

which is a very important issue for sustainable agriculture, has been

researched considering the Togo sample.

As a result, we hope that this book, which includes studies that complement

each other in various branches, from education to agriculture, from

health to organic products, whose common denominator is sustainable

development and management, will be beneficial to readers and