Stray Dogs problem and Right Approach to prevent attack.

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Ecel H. C., Göncü Karakök S.

Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A12, vol.2023, no.A12, pp.106-115, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, it is aimed to examine the knowledge level of reading stray dogs’ behavior and the correct approach. Understanding the aggression of dogs and understanding their behavior is very important for stray dogs and dog owners in social life. Questionnaires prepared online were shared with 279 people of different ages and genders working in different fields in 50 provinces located in different regions, and the feedback obtained by answering voluntarily was taken into consideration. As a result of the study, when a dangerous-looking dog is encountered, it is necessary to stay as calm as possible and start to walk away slowly, without losing sight of the dog, with short steps, and without running under any circumstances. But without turning your back, because turning your back on the dog is a sign of weakness and an invitation to attack. While 36% left unanswered the question of what should be done at the time of the dog attack, 20.1% replied by saying that they would stand calmly and shout and scare, and 20.9% would shout and stop. The results of the survey show that there are inaccuracies and deficiencies in both the body language of the dogs and the way they approach the dog. The participants answered the frequency of encountering stray animals by saying 75.9% daily. A safe approach to dogs or knowing the suitable approaches to calm a dangerous dog is very important in eliminating the dangers. These results show that there is a need for correct, informative activities on dog behavior and the right approach.