Inter- and intra-specific nursery characterization of three wild Pistacia species


JOURNAL OF HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE & BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol.77, no.2, pp.164-169, 2002 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Turkey has a huge wild Pistacia germplasm that mainly includes P. terebinthus, P. atlantica and A eurycarpa species. In this study, seed and seedling behaviour of these species are characterized at intra- and inter-specific level. Seed and seedlings of 63 Pistacia genotypes: 10 P. terebinthus, 45 P. atlantica and eight P. eurycarpa genotypes from different parts of Turkey were evaluated as their characteristics of germination, seedling growth and budding success. Correlations between morphological traits of maternal trees and seed/seedling characteristics of their progeny were performed as well. There was a large variability for each of the evaluated character at the inter- and intra-specific level. However, in the average, P. eurycarpa had the highest germination percentage, whereas P. terebinthus had the lowest. The seedling growth of P. atlantica was better than P. terebinthus and P. eurycarpa. Budding success was not significant between species. Correlation coefficient values suggested that a few of the associations between morphological traits of maternal trees and seed germination and seedling characters of their progeny vary between those of three species.