Fiction Film and Borderlands, Project Reel Borders

Erbalaban Gürbüz Ö. N., Şanlıer Yüksel Ö. İ., Çam A., Türkgeldi S. K.

Horizon Europe Project, 2021 - 2026

  • Project Type: Horizon Europe Project
  • Begin Date: February 2021
  • End Date: January 2026

Project Abstract

While modern Europe is characterised by openness and collaboration, borders still outline distinct cultural identities throughout the EU. Border regions often present unique opportunities to study how frontiers affect people's identities and sense of belonging. The EU-funded REEL BORDERS project will use fiction film to study and explain how borders are perceived and represented by inhabitants of these regions. This could offer a unique view on how borders can affect conflict, migration and geopolitics, and shed light on how film can be used to shape the perception of territorial frontiers. The goal is to enhance our understanding of borders, advancing cultural studies and the uses of fiction film in Europe and beyond.